welcome Alannah

Alannah photo.JPG

Downshire Brass is delighted to welcome its furthest travelled new member, Alannah Jeune.

Alannah is a musician from Christchurch, New Zealand who studied recorder and trumpet at the University of Canterbury. She has travelled to Belfast to start a Masters in her other interest - Religious History, at Queen's University Belfast. She comes from Addington Brass Band in Christchurch which she joined three years ago and was immediately hooked!

So far, Alannah is enjoying Belfast and starting to understand the local accent, although still has difficulty with Belfast slang, and the speed of speech! She is also enjoying talking to other students about New Zealand which is apparently a place where people communicate via Haka and live in small hobbit-like dwellings. She is most relieved that the New Zealand opinion of Belfast weather being cold, wet, windy and devoid of sunshine seems to be an exaggeration!