Edward Wilson (euphonium)

With two uncles keen brass banders in the Salvation Army it was inevitable that Edward would pick up a brass instrument.  Over the years from age 8 he has worked his way through Cornet, Trombone Euphonium and Eb Bass and moved from the Salvation Army to 1st Old Boys and Newtownards Silver Band, prior to joining Downshire.

Taking time out from banding after his marriage Edward’s wife was clear that he would not return to band unless he took all their kids with him.  Edward’s daughters Amy and Hazel are now regular members of Downshire,  another daughter Janine is registered with the band and son Adam is on a wanted list.  Playing highlights include playing and singing for Eric Ball, playing the first wide bell Eb Bass in Northern Ireland and winning the Armagh Street Musicians Competition three years in a row with his family quintet.

Edward is a mental health social worker who thoroughly enjoys his work and regards banding as the perfect wellbeing therapy.