Paul Kirk (cornet)

Despite not looking that old, Paul has been with the band since 1988, when he was spotted by a neighbour, Roy Faulkner, as he walked home from school one day carrying his trumpet. Roy asked would he like to come to a brass band rehearsal (for Hillsborough Silver Band as it was then). Not knowing anything about brass bands at the time, he foolishly agreed to go along, quickly caught “the bug” and the rest is history. Starting on 2nd cornet, he had a spell in the front row before finally settling on the “Rep” seat.
He is proud to be one of the original members of Downshire since its formation in 1990 and is indeed only 1 of 3 remaining members from the old Hillsborough band. He has served on the band committee for many years, mainly as treasurer, but with a spate as webmaster also. Away from band, Paul works in IT for a large multi-national. He has a wife (or Band Widow) and 2 rowdy kids, one of which is currently serving his time as a baritone player in Downshire Junior Band.