Robert Mercer (Bb bass)


Robert began playing brass instruments when he 11 years old as a pupil in Comber High School. His first instrument was the cornet but after a few weeks swiftly moved onto the euphonium. At Comber High he was tutored by Mr Jack Burch, which led to him joining the South Eastern Education & Library Board Brass Band based in the Ballynahinch School of Music.

He joined his local brass band Comber Silver and played there for many happy years. After a period away from Brass Bands Robert returned to Comber Silver this time playing BBb. During this period Robert was delighted to have the pleasure of being the conductor of Combers, junior band Laureldale Brass Ensemble.

Eventually Robert transferred to Downshire Brass playing either EEb or BBb as required in a very flexible bass section. If not playing with Downshire Robert has helped out many brass bands near and far. Even when on holidays in England he takes his mouthpiece with him and plays along with Poulton-Le-Fylde Brass Band in the North West of England.