Zeke Wilson (Bb bass)

Zeke joined Downshire Junior Band in 2009 under the careful baton of Rodger, starting first with the Baritone then progressed to Euphonium. In 2018, he began playing the Bb Bass with Downshire senior band. In 2014, Zeke was pleased to guest with 1st Old Boys when they ranked 4th at the European Youth Championships and looks forward to playing in the Europeans Championships with Downshire Brass in 2020.

Zeke’s other fixation is Canoeing. As captain of Ulster Canoe Polo Club, he has competed at national level in both European and recent Canadian hosted World Championships. In addition, he has also played a season for ‘Jin Jiao Bulls’ in the World Canoe Polo Super League hosted in China. In 2019, Zeke was honoured to receive the Irish Canoe Polo player of the year award.