A Slippy Slidey Day Out

Sunday 22nd June saw the inaugural Downshire BBQ take place at Ardnavally Scout Centre with members of our Junior, Youth and Senior Bands attending along with friends and family.  This was an opportunity for friends of the band and members of our different groups to get to know each other a bit better and to discover a few of the more slippery characters within our ranks.  After a few attempts, the BBQ was finally lit and a few members stepped up to showcase their culinary talents, tongs in hand.

Once everyone was fed and watered, our younger members (and those young at heart) got the chance to hone their aerodynamic abilities  on the slip ‘n slide. It’s amazing what fun can be had with a tarpaulin, a garden hose, a couple of litres of washing-up liquid and a hill.  In true world cup spirit, a five-ish a side match followed which, given the now sodden grass, saw a few bruises and a few bruised egos to match. Many thanks to all who helped to organise the event and also to those who came along.  A great day out – roll on next year!